Surgical Suite Equipment

Colonial has the products to assist in a more efficient and reliable surgery suite.

DSx Warmed Surgery TableDSx Warmed Surgery Table

DSx Warmed Surgery Table: A heated procedure surface with downdraft anesthetic gas evacuation.

Part # 965500

Adroit Warm Water PumpAdroit Warm Water Pump

Water circulating pump effectively warms animals to assist in body temperature maintenance during surgery, in recovery and in critical care.

Part # 000A4084

Gaymar T/Pump TP650Connects to the Hallowell Hardpads. Durable polycarbonate construction. Claw, bite, scalpel, needle, and towel clamp proof. Smooth Surfaces are easy to clean helping to prevent infection.

Part # - various size pads available

Canis Major Exam Lift Table<Canis Major Exam Lift Table

The Canis Major Exam Lift Table is height adjustable from the floor up to a maximum height of 44", giving it the greatest range of motion on the market. The Canis Major also has all the quality features you need to create unparalleled efficiency in your practice:

  • 300 lb load capacity
  • Perpendicular design allows for eye-to-eye contacts with the client and unrestricted access to both sides of the table
  • Only the tabletop moves, unlike other units where the tabletop and back move as one piece, so the Canis Major scale weight display remains at eye level no matter the position of the table.
  • Part # CMWO

Matrx Canis Major Dental Wet TableMatrx Canis Major Dental Wet Table

  • Adjustable-height lift table is now available with wet treatment tub.
  • The table is designed to eliminate lifting to the treatment table and to allow for a variety of operator positions.
  • Temperature controlled water with ultralight 8' sprayer.
  • Internal sensor and peristaltic pump for automatic draining
  • Back modesty cover encases all moving parts.
  • Removable hair trap and easy clean drain.
  • Lowers to within 7" of floor and rises to 44"
  • Part # CMDT-45

Midmark M9 & M11 Ultraclave Automatic SterilizersMidmark M9 & M11 Ultraclave® Automatic Sterilizers

  • Intuitive LCD display and simple prompts help you select the cycle you need
  • Upon completion of sterilization cycle the door opens automatically to dissipate the steam and provide fast, efficient drying of instruments
  • Reservoir fill & drain tube are at the front of the unit
  • LCD alerts if door is not completely closed or if water level is low, and will prevent sterilization until unit is attended to
  • Part # M9-020 / M11-020

355 Minor Surgery Light355 Minor Surgery Light

  • Truer color temperature with less heat
  • Available in five-caster base and single or dual ceiling mount
  • Durable & easy to clean
  • Part # 355-022

Anthony Cylinder Transport Cart 6105 Anthony Cylinder Transport Cart 6123Anthony Cylinder Transport Carts

  • High tensile strength steel offers greater durability
  • Large, quiet, easy rolling wheels
  • Part # 6124 / 6105-M6

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