Ventilation Systems

Hallowell EMC Model 2000 ventilator system

Hallowell EMC Model 2000 ventilator systemdesigned to be used with animals ranging in weight from 1 - 200 kg. This wide variation in patient size is accommodated by having interchangeable bellows and housing units to meet the animal's breathing requirements. This bellows and housing change can be accomplished quickly and easily-within thirty seconds-and without the use of tools!

The three different sizes are: 0 -300 ml for animals from 1 - 24 kg, 300-1600 ml for animals from 20-120 kg, and 1600-3000 ml for animals from 100 to 200 kg. Use of the proper size bellows and housing minimizes the ventilator's compliance contribution to the breathing system and provides better resolution of tidal volume deliveries in the range of 0-200 ml.

Part # 000A5766

Hallowell EMC Anesthesia WorkStation

Hallowell EMC Anesthesia WorkStationThe solution for supplying both gas anesthetic delivery and ventilatory support for pocket pets, avian, exotics and laboratory animal applications in one easy to use package: The Hallowell EMC Anesthesia WorkStation.

A compact (9" x 9" x 15" h), portable (15 lb.), convenient, circle system for use on animals under 7 kg (15 lb.).

Part # 000A2770

Microvent 1 Dual Mode Ventilator

Microvent 1 Dual Mode Ventilator Simplicity - Flexibility - Capability

Just 4 parameters to control:
--O2 flow
--Mean Airway Pressure

--Intermittent positive pressure ventilation
--High frequency oscilatory ventilation
--Minimal movement with HFOV for much improved microsurgery field

Part # 000A3760

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